Know why Rummy is a Game of Skill

It has always been debated whether is Rummy a game of skill or fortune. Many people wrongly believe that all card games in India are based on fortune / fluke, but that is not the case. When a player chooses to play rummy, he/she can excel in it, only when he/she understands the finer nuances of the game and plays enough times to excel. After all, practice makes a man and woman perfect, right?

Interestingly, the Honourable Supreme Court of India has declared rummy and its various variants to be skill-based and not fluke-based, making it a legal game to play for cash. Rummy cash game and playing rummy online or playing rummy app, is therefore legal and demands a lot of precision and careful analysis from the player. Rummy players need to be very intellectual and skilful at playing the game.

Rummy as a game is very simple to play, but some various strategies and tips can help you win when you play rummy online. The focus of the game remains the same – for the player to make pure and impure sequences from the cards that have been dealt to him/her and make sets and sequences from his/her card deck (of 13 cards dealt) and declare it before one’s opponents. Points are calculated thereafter.

Many players carefully analyse the different ways in which Rummy can be won. The percentage of winning opportunities as well as values are evaluated closely. A good rummy player uses Mathematics to carefully evaluate the points by which he/she would lose, or choose to drop even before playing the game, depending on the dealt hand they have. Usually, while playing rummy, if you choose to drop at the beginning of the game itself, you get only 20 points penalty. Players evaluate the odds and also the points they would get, as well as the points of loose cards to the percentage of the opponent’s winning. Therefore, this game cannot be called a game of fortune alone.

So, now that we all understand that Rummy is all about Maths when it comes to forming strategies, the sharper your mental maths, the better Rummy player you will be! Players calculate, form strategies, and declare before their opponents do. This gives the player a competitive advantage over his/her opponents. If you are good at implementing strategies, then Rummy is the game for you. You will be a good rummy player. The more Rummy you play, the more you realize your ability to change the outcome, unlike other games.

Good players can analyse strategically and make the opponent drop a very important card, by which they can predict their win over their opponents. Professional players are so good that they can plan and strategize to play the entire round of rummy in 2-3 moves irrespective of the cards they have. And these skills are easy to develop. The more you play, the better your skills and strategies will be. The player will find ways to get the required cards before anyone else does so will complete the round and win in online rummy. As an online rummy player, you can play against the best in business and participate in as many contests and promotional activities, to understand the finer nuances of the game and the strategic game plans to be used. Then it is merely a matter of 2-3 moves, and you have the game in your pocket. The more you practice, the faster you will learn the tips and tricks from pro players.

It has rightly been said that ‘the future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways. A good rummy player can combine these little rummy tips and tricks most creatively and be a winner!  

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