Why Are Playing Cards Only Available In Red And Black?

Why Are Playing Cards Only Available In Red And Black?

Since the ninth century, playing cards have been known to exist; however, leaves were utilized back then instead of the familiar cards. Rummy and other intriguing card games like it have developed as a result of the substantial development of playing cards throughout time. You can now play rummy online free on your mobile devices. However, playing cards were not really the same as what we know today. A standard, like card games, underwent several design and colour modifications throughout time. You’ve probably used cards many times in your life, but have you ever wondered why they are only printed in red and black? Read below to understand why playing cards are only produced in the usual red and black colours currently.

A Snippet Of Playing Cards’ Past

There is little doubt that in the 9th century, during the Tang Dynasty, the idea of playing cards emerged. Su E, a writer, said that Princess Tongchang first saw her husband’s family playing the “leaf game” in 868. The leaves were gradually replaced by wooden blocks, then paper, and eventually the familiar paper cards made of plastic. The number of cards in a deck, the suit colours, patterns, game regulations, etc. have all undergone several alterations throughout time. Playing cards were established as a well-known pastime in Asia by the eleventh century, and they were gradually imported to Egypt. In the 1300s, the Arabs brought them to Europe, where their ubiquity quickly spread over the globe. Due to the diverse cultures, several design modifications were made by various European countries. The French-developed cards were the most well-liked of them.

The widespread usage of playing cards with French suits throughout time contributed to the current level of card popularity. We have 13 cards of each of the four suits, Spades, Diamonds, Clubs, and Hearts, printed in the traditional red and black thanks to French influence. However, did you know that green and blue were the other two colours used to print a standard deck at one point?

Using The Four-Colored Deck

Four-coloured card decks were popular at one point in time. These were first intended to reduce player confusion by preventing them from accidentally discarding or picking up red Hearts or red Diamonds, or black Clubs instead of black Spades. They were more widely referred to as the “no-revoke decks” because of this. These were widely produced throughout the 1900s and mostly employed in trick-based games like whist, ass, and bridge. JY Humphreys produced the first four-colour deck in the United States in 1819. It had red hearts, green clubs, blue spades, and yellow diamonds. With time, many various versions of these hues were used; some cards included the traditional Clubs and Hearts in black and red, respectively, with the two additional suits in blue and green.

Why Are Red And Black Colored Cards Popular Today?

Despite the widespread popularity of four-colour cards, only the colours red and black remained. The main justification for this is that both of these colours were inexpensive to produce and were easily distinguishable on the cards from a distance. Linseed oil and soot were combined to produce black ink, while the former was combined with cinnabar to produce red. These two inks are both shown to be long-lasting, hardly fading even when subjected to sunlight. According to some interpretations, the colours red and black even represent day and night. Whatever the cause, red and black have stood out to this point, and modern card producers exclusively employ these two colours for any deck they create. Low production costs are made possible by the consistency of colours. However, in a fast-paced game, utilizing just two colours to represent four distinct suits presents a challenge for players, increasing the excitement and competitiveness.


The most important thing is that the playing cards keep us delighted and foster better relationships with our family and friends, regardless of the colours they come in. Playing card games that require ability, like online free rummy, helps players develop new talents and gives them the chance to earn fantastic prizes. As a result, if you’re a rummy enthusiast, now is the ideal moment to start playing, take on the next challenge, and play with enthusiasm to win huge prizes.

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